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Welcome to Psychic Advice  

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My Name is Nadia I am a Love Specialist & a expert on connecting soul mates and Twin flames 

I have 20 Years of experience I have read all walks of life and let me be the first to say Love is a beautiful And amazing Feeling ! That First Kiss , That first glance ,That smile that can make the sun come out on a rainy day.  it can be astonishing ,intoxicating But it Can cause a pain so deep it can Reach the soul .Sleepless Nights ,Loss Of appetite ,  

Sense of lost . I have helped many people Recover in love By healing Sessions , Spiritual Therapy, Psychic Readings , and Reuniting . There are many Reasons why Marriage , relationships  don't work .

Examples: Interference , Distance , not communicating , financial stress , in laws, cheating , ex lovers , unbalance chakra's , evil eye , Generational Curse,Low sex drive, Or simple because He/She Isn't your soulmate Or Twin flame . 

Don't Give up I know it can be hard and Painful But  You did Nothing Wrong don't blame your self Call today to figure out .

What is pulling him/her away ? Why didn't it work out? When are we going to move forward ? Is This One the One? Is My Partner Faithful? 


 Life as we know it is hard and many have questions in 

Career , Health, Future ,Family,Friends  , & Love That's where psychics , mediums, & astrologist came from god gave us a gift to help those in need. Spiritualist are here to help guide, answer, & connect. I dedicated  my life to become a Spiritualist to be there for people who afraid to share, ask or just need some one to listen. 

intuitive counselor specialize in

psychic energy, tarot cards, mending broken hearts, soul mate connection. 

spells, protections,, cleansing,Removals Chakra Balancing ,Life coach, astrology charts 

 crystal therapy, Crystal Ball, Aura Reading 

Offering a variety of services for clients 

who are seeking clarity & peace of mind.

Clients achieve clarity & focus in their personal and professional lives. 

Sessions may include using crystals, oils, herbs, candles, diets,  Home remedies, Prey,